sixty second shooter

Now available for the Xbox One! Sixty Second Shooter Prime. Buy it now!

Sixty Second Shooter is a twin-stick shooter that takes sixty seconds to play. You’ll be surprised how fun that is.

Originally developed in 2011 for the Chrome Web Store, it later found its way to Playstation Vita and Playstation Mobile as Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe and then to the Xbox One as Sixty Second Shooter Prime

In its new incarnations it added permadeath, unlockables, and INFINITY mode – and studies have shown that the Deluxe version is up to 1000% more addictive.

Praise for Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe:
“I didn’t put my Vita down for nearly two hours. It’s that damn addicting.” 9/10 ShogunGamer

“Without a doubt, this is one of the best arcade games available for PSM right now, and is worth every penny. Unless you absolutely loathe playing shoot-em-ups, you have no excuse why this shouldn’t be a part of your games collection. An essential purchase.” Vitaplayer

Praise for the original:
“This game is a hidden gem. It’s worth getting into.” – Tomo Moriwaki, producer of Medal of Honor

“Sixty Second Shooter takes a simple concept and delivers it in small, intense bites. You can come back at anytime and attempt to improve your performance, and you’ll want to. It’s fun looking at all the abstract shapes flying around your ship and trying to figure out how to use them in a way that’s going to boost your score to a new level. And triggering dozens of mini and gigantic explosions when you get a chain going is … satisfying.” – Stephanie Carmichael, VentureBeat | GamesBeat

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