Energy Hook is coming July 5th To Steam and Playstation 4!
Up until now, of all I’ve done in my twenty-something year career, I was most proud of inventing the dynamic, physical swinging system in Spider-Man 2 . . . loved even by Zero Punctuation and NerdCubed!But now I have something new to be proud of: Energy Hook, a new game about swinging through the air, is finally done.
Energy Hook is a game not only about swinging from rooftop to rooftop (not to mention crane to crane and floating island in the clouds to floating island in the clouds) but also a game about style and stunts. Chain graceful swings, run on walls, loop-the-loops, and strike midair poses to earn big multipliers and huge scores–or just to have fun.

Energy Hook is made mostly by me, a one-man band, with some support from a few artists (in particular, Keegan O’Rourke and Irene Nelson) and an audio guy (Brian Luzietti), so it is a coherent vision that focuses on its visceral core gameplay with no extra fluff like combat or cut scenes.

It is my magnum opus.

What the press said:

‘You’d have to be dead to the core to not be at least interested in giving that a go.’ – John Walker; Rock, Paper, Shotgun

‘Spider-Man 2 was one of my favorite games of the last generation, and the video on the Kickstarter looks amazingly fun. I’m not saying you should give him money, but I really think you should give him some money.’ – Ben Kuchera; Penny-Arcade

‘Bugger. There goes all my money.’ – Daniel Hardcastle; NerdCubed

‘I’d play that game for sure!’ – Tim Schafer; President of Double Fine

What players said:

‘It’s super satisfying to nail successive swings.’ – Chris Jurney, Supergiant Games

‘The mechanics work. Beautifully. It’s all the exhilaration I thought it would be … Keyboard-mouse is beautiful. Tight, responsive, correct default controls.’ – Vartul Srivastava

‘I enjoyed the game enough to hunt down every virtual geocache in the final level, and to keep playing for quite some time beyond that.’ – Alec Lofquist

‘Even if it is PreAlpha, it is still fun enough to play for several hours … I am really looking forward to seeing where you are going with the game!’ – H1bbe